Votre restaurant, traiteur Libanais à Bruxelles.
Nous sommes ouvert tous les jours de 12-22h
Since 1977, we have been serving our amazing traditional Lebanese mezze's to our lovely customers.
Our food
We serve all of your favorite Lebanese Mezze's, Baked Goods and Desserts.

You can now order online and come pick up your order!
Whether you are looking for a special lunch to reward your team for its hard work, or to impress an important client with a perfect dinner in your home, we can cater events from 5 to 500 guests!

We also offer drop-off catering! Order at least 3 hours before and we will bring you home, or at the office delicious Lebanese food, wine and more...

Send us an email or complete the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.
Who is la chatelaine du liban?
Many of our customers want to know the history of our restaurant name and ask us when they come.

Indeed, the name we have chosen for our Lebanese restaurant is not inspired by Pierre Benoît's book from 1934, but by the location of our restaurant "Place du Châtelain" in the municipality of Ixelles, in Brussels. Being from Lebanon, we wanted to transmit a little of our history in the name of our establishment, it is from there that "La Châtelaine du Liban" was born.
The photograph used which sits in our dining room was taken by French missionaries at the beginning of world photography, and represents a traditional Lebanese woman from 1835. She has become the emblem of our restaurant.
When Eric Boschman, an exceptional sommelier whose thousand and one talents are recognized throughout Belgium, in Europe and internationally, writes a laudatory article on our Lebanese restaurant, we can only be satisfied with our daily work and with our determination to transcribe all the flavors of Lebanese cuisine with ease. To read this article, click here!

Another very laudatory article following our reopening in 2017 after the reconstruction of our establishment following a devastating fire, that of La Capitale Bruxelles. More than a successful rebirth, this article is a joy for our teams, a reward for our work. To discover this article, click here!
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